What we do


We believe that all businesses and organizations have an interesting story to tell. It is the way you tell it that determines how interesting it is for potential customers. Our team of writers have many years of journalistic experience and will create editorial content focusing on your company's products and services in a way that both attracts and engages.


There is a reason why mankind tend to keep on reading newspapers and obtain their information from news sites. There is also a reason why those sites are designed as they are. An article can be written in infinitely many ways. However, an article almost always has a form and tone that sets them apart from "normal" texts such as the one you are reading now.

For the same reason, all the news sites are also designed in a similar way - and in a completely different way than, say, the site you are visiting now. A common site such as this is foremost designed for you to easily find the information you are in search for - no matter what you were looking for. A news site on the other hand, has the main purpose to guide you to the articles that the editor think you 'll be interested in. The editor summarizes them briefly and guides you through to new articles with catching headlines and interesting leads.

Knowing this and based on the knowledge coming from working with news 365 days every year, we see that the best way to make you stand out in the buzz is to create your very own digital news site.


... create a live page based on your goals, your offer, your services and/or products that is always updated with the latest news, and advertised on the very best sites for you to be spotted on. On the site, we also measure engagement and at same time we are building your brand and creating sales. Whether it is about games, food, cars, financial services, or anything else, we make news out of it.

However, there is no point in creating good, engaging and readable articles if your potential customers can’t take advantage of it. Therefore, we put a lot of time and effort to direct traffic to your own news page from relevant sites. We analyse and optimize, often in real time. We get direct feedback with clicks, sales, and reading time. Then our team writes more stories based on what generates the best results. The client is always part of the process and receives updated customized reports and qualitative analysis of the results, so that they can determine which product or service they should focus on more.

Hopefully we'll get the chance to send you a report as well with results that allows you to understand what a force native advertising can be when used properly.