How we do it


We at Native Clicks believe in making the complex seem simple. Therefore, we apply a step-by-step model so that we together with our customers can, easily and with minimal effort, get started and create effective results.


1) The launch of a digital news site.

Before we start creating editorial content for you, we evaluate your brand, your products and services, your needs and your target groups. From this information we create a news site filled with attractive content that enhances your sales. The content on the site can be cases, tests of products or news about your services. All neatly packaged on a news page in a way that interests and engages visitors. As a client you always approve of all editorial material on the site.


2) Placement on news sites

We always recommend media placements on various news sites. Where we place the advertorials is based on your target audience, the editorial content of your new news page and our experience of where different advertorials are working best. Often we start by testing several sites to optimize towards what works best.


3) Optimization

Here’s where our journalists skills are put to the test. How to create the results you aim for with native advertising is to have a well-functioning and contrived optimization process.

While advanced technology helps to optimize the campaign, our journalists get direct feedback on the articles written about your company through live statistics, which are continuously monitored. Texts and images are adjusted and new items created based on our live results.


4) Comprehensive reports

Often the most enjoyable part of our work. We follow the statistics and report it back to you. How many visitors did you have, how long time did they read and what where the number of articles that your visitors read? How many went on to your home page and how many sales did it provide? How many thought the articles were interesting and what percentage gained a more positive image of your company?

All our reports are customized to your needs, with a close follow-up and focus on the key performance indicators that are most important to you. The hard numbers are usually complemented with a qualitative reader survey.