Which sites can my company appear on?

The usual answer is everyone. We do or have done campaigns for large sites and various local newspapers but also on more specialized sites.

We are already working with many sites, but if you express a wish to be seen on a specific site that we haven’t worked with yet we will gladly contact them. It usually is an easy arrangement.

What does it cost?

It all depends on your needs, what your products or services are and what your target audience is. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Will it work?

We wish we could respond directly to this, but without knowing more about you and the products and services you offer, it is difficult to say. Everything depends on what you offer your customers, but we can give relatively good estimates of the outcome when we know the conditions. But what we do know is that when we have made tests comparing native advertising with traditional banners there has always been a better effect for all advertisers. Let us take a closer look at your business to be able to come back with what we think we can do for you.

Can I approve the material?

Obviously. If you want to. Most of our customers want to approve material before publishing it and that is something that is obvious for us. Others think we handle it fine as it is and allow us to make decisions about what is to be seen, so that they can prioritize other parts of the business.

Can you really write something about my company?

That is something we are completely certain of. Whatever your products or services are that need to be advertised we can write articles about them. That is what we are specialists in. We have at least not failed yet, do challenge us!